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Social media optimization is extremely important in online marketing. If you have a website of your own, then it becomes mandatory for you to use this medium. Media always helps a business get the visibility. Apart from print media, television and radio, now-a-days social media has become hot favorite of everyone. There are so many social networking sites which are visited by millions of people, and this is one of the best ways to showcase your business and talent. One should appropriately use this medium and do social media optimization when it comes to online business or web portals.


Mass Technologies is the leading Social Media Optimization & Marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. We offer the best strategies to set up social media components into your website or online marketing campaign. Blogs, tags, comment system etc, supports social media optimization technology. There are so many social networking sites which are very popular like

  • Facebook:  It is one of the most popular social networking sites. One can reach friends, families, make groups and also create page of their own business. This helps in promoting the business.
  • Instagram:  If you want to showcase your business in the picture and images form then use Instagram and make your business look more attractive, creative and colorful.
  • Twitter:  It is the another popular sites, people go ahead and tweet what they feel and share different links on their profile. One can create their business page on twitter as well.
  • LinkedIn:  One of the professional website, where different kinds of professionals update their work experience and résumés, so that companies can approach them for any kind of recruitment.
  • Pinterest:  This will offer visual discovery, collection, sharing and storage tools. It is easy to display about your business and company using Pinterest.
  • Google+:  It is a social networking site and identity service which is owned by Google.
  • Tumblr:  This is a micro blogging platform and social networking site. The users can post multimedia and other contents in this site.
  • Flickr:  Host the image and videos of your business and promote it effectively.
  • Myspace:  This is a social networking service which gives emphasis to music. So, now post videos of your product and service with music in the background.
  • Tagged:  This is another website which allows members to share tags, virtual gifts and browse the profiles. Make a profile for your business and popularize it effectively using this medium.

One can advertise or talk about their business and website in any of these platforms. They give different options like blogs, social media contents can be posted, and discussions can be started using any of these mediums. People log in to these sites on a daily basis and can or will follow your business or other write-ups that you post on behalf of your company. Discussions can be started using any of these mediums. People log in to these sites on a daily basis and can or will follow your business or other write-ups that you post on behalf of your company.


Mass Technologies is here to do this for you. We have key people working for us to do the social media marketing optimization. We give unique contents, social media write-ups, tag lines and catchy captions that can be posted in any of these sites. We have great, experienced, skilled and trained content writers who know the important of social media and would write blogs, articles, and other creative contents for your business and website. Give the work to optimize the social media for your business and Webtractions would always prove to be the best investment you made in order to increase your visibility using this particular media.

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